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Data Recovery

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We are experts in Data Recovery:

Mas informacion sobre recuperacion de datos Data Recovery from all types of storage media: Hard Disk Drive Recovery, RAID recovery, Recover flash memory (memory card, Pendrive Recovery , compact flash, usb memory, secure digital, memory stick, ...), UFS, SSD Solid State Drive Recovery, DAT tape, NAS recovery, mobile, cd, dvd, Recover SIM , floppy disk, zip disk, JAZ, SyQuest drive, PDA, Palm, PocketC PC, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian Mobile smartphone (any smartphone), MicroDrive, etc.

Mas informacion sobre recuperacion de datos Data Recovery under any Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, etc.), Linux, IBM, DOS, Amiga, BSD, CP / M, Mach, Mañueta, QNX, THEOS, Novell, Symbian, Palm, Allos / Alliance OS, AMX, AROS, CRUX, Freedows, LynxOS, Micriμm, Miray μnOS, Mungi, Microware OS-9, Paul, PROLOGUE, TinyOS 1.0, TriangleOS, v2os 0.64c, brick (LEGOS), Visopsys , OSEK / VDX 2.2.1, EOS, Eumelus, Famos, Oasis, Prologue, SCP 1700, mutos 1700, BOS 1810, etc.

Mas informacion sobre recuperacion de datos Data Recovery of virtual machines or virtual environments: VMware recover (ESX Server, Fusion, Virtual Server, Workstation, Player, ACE), Xen, Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Virtual Server, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers, VThere, ATL, Bochs, coLinux, Denali, FAUmachine, Hercules, Integrity Workstation, LilyVM, OKL4, Parallels Workstation, Parallels Desktop for Mac, QEMU, SheepShaver, Simics, SVISTA, Trango, TwoOStwo, User-mode Linux, VirtualBox Virtual Iron, Virtual Operating System, IBM VM, KVM, IBM POWER SYSTEMS, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, FreeVPS, Linux-VServer, FreeBSD Jails, Solaris Containers, AIX, etc.

With a loss of data: 

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  • Stay calm, do not rush
  • Do not reinstall the operating system and do not insert more data.
  • Do not use software for Data Recovery.
  • Turn off the system (without rebooting) and unplug the device before any malfunction.
  • Never open the hard disk drive or drive.
  • Contact RecuperaData, 90% of cases end with success.
  • If you don't follow these guidelines will reduce or eliminate any possibility of Data Recovery.

In the experience of RecuperaData: specialists in Data Recovery, the problems with the hardware, followed in frequency caused by human error: 30% of cases. Press "accidentally" delete key or copy over a file, the malicious acts of disgruntled employees. Then, 15% of data losses due to software failures, 7% of virus attacks and less than 4% would be caused by natural disasters.

For a successfully Data Recovery is very important to contact experts of Data Recovery like RecuperaData because recover data requires highly skilled and specialist machinery.

RecuperaData facilities equipped with maximum guarantees of security and availability. In addition to our specialized services of Data Recovery, we offer space solutions supported by an infrastructure of power supplies and redundant cooling systems, modern security and fire protection and configuration in the supply system in N +1 critical services.

To offer our professional services of
Data Recovery with the highest quality, we have a data center at its disposal class that incorporates robustness to the specification and operational design, with modern environments created as meeting all the requirements availability, security and flexibility. RecuperaData facilities have the following characteristics:

  • The most stringent standards and safety standards and access control.
  • Management, monitoring and maintenance of essential services 24 hours.
  • Sophisticated automatic fire detection and suppression.
  • Uninterruptible power systems and redundant cooling and reliable.
  • Robust high capacity connectivity, neutral operators.

Mas informacion sobre recuperacion de datos Secure Data Erase: The simple deletion of files or even formatting of storage devices is not sufficient to ensure irreversible erasure of the stored information. Our service securely erase data certifies that the information contained in the devices are disposed of completely safe and irreversible.

Mas informacion sobre recuperacion de datos Computer Forensics: RecuperaData works in both private individuals and companies to lawyers, courts and law enforcement by providing full legal compliance, security and confidentiality required in such cases. In RecuperaData we understand and fulfill the legal issues relating to the collection of data, further analysis and protection of electronic data for purposes of litigation. Our service Computer Forensics can be employed in these cases including:

  • Divorces
  • Legal claims
  • Problems with disgruntled employees
  • Fraud
  • Information theft or employee misconduct
  • Monitoring the computer activity of employees or others
  • Monitoring computer activity of children or minors
  • Etc.

We give Data Recovery, Secure Data Erase and Computer Forensics throughout the world.

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